The UK telecommunications market is valued at £45 billion and the communications sector employs approximately 250,000 people across 8,000 companies. OfCom provides light touch regulation based on competition, transparency and ease of transfer between competitors.

UK communications businesses invest nearly £2 billion each year in R&D and UK expertise in the communications area covers wireless technologies, Next Generation networks, core infrastructure systems and hardware as well as specifics such as: antenna components and systems, broadcast technology, high efficiency mixed-mode semiconductor design, network security and wireless components, devices & communications systems.

On this page you can read more about the makeup of the communications market in the UK, including mobile devices, infrastructure and the future, network security and internet services.

The UK has the highest number of verified
public Wi-Fi hotspots in Europe.

Mobile Devices and Related Products

The UK mobile handsets market, valued at £4 billion, is the largest in Europe. There are approximately 80 million mobile subscriptions in the UK, a penetration rate over 1.3 and largely driven by smart phones.

Mobile phone security will be the largest market over the next 2/3 years as more and more people use their mobiles for M-Commerce.

Infrastructure, Access Next Generation networks

The UK network equipment market is valued at around £5 billion pa. According to recent figures from OfCom some 30% of people do not have access to proper mobile data services while 14% of the population have no access to broadband above 2Mb/sl.The UK government is committed to the rapid roll-out of infrastructure to provide the best superfast broadband network in Europe by 2015. It has allocated £530 million of funding, with the potential for an additional £300 million up to 2017, to support and stimulate the private sector in its provision of connectivity to homes and businesses across the UK, including the most remote areas.

In 2013 the next UK spectrum auction will be held opening the market for LTE 4G mobile services.

The UK continues to have a precisions capability in wireless technologies. A broad range of wireless innovation has had its origins in the UK from integrated CMOS multi radio devices, to specialist media broadcasting equipment or high reliability systems for satellites, the UK is still one of the leading centres of wireless capability in the world.

Network Security

The UK offers opportunities in a vast number of areas under the broad cyber security heading including: authentication, authorisation, trust, identity management, cryptography, cryptanalysis, computer security (largely defence against malware), human aspects of security, privacy, information hiding, anonymity, digital rights management and watermarking.

The true cost of Cyber Crime is hard to measure however a number of recent studies have suggested the total equivalent cost to the UK economy could be as high as £26.9bn a year with by far the largest proportion of the cost bourn by industry. The UK cyber security market is currently worth around £2.8 billion and increased general awareness of the cyber threats, as well as other areas such as the continuing evolution of connected services, will continue to drive growth in this market. Mobile phone security is expected to be one of the largest markets over the next 2/3 years as more and more people use their mobiles for M-Commerce, as well as the growth in popularity of BYOD to work.

Internet Services

The UK fixed voice services market is valued at around £10 billion whilst the fixed data services market is valued at around £7 billion pa.